The Best Elimination Diet

Best Elimination Diet

The best elimination diet is designed to get rid of the most possible allergenic foods in your diet and then one by one, not all at once, bring the possible allergenic foods back and see what your body’s response is.

Going Paleo for 30 days is a type of an elimination diet.  After your 30 days you will be able to re-integrate some foods occasionally and may be able to “get away with it,” depending on your goals.

You may also realize that there are some foods that just should not be a part of your life, period.

Let me give you an example:  I eliminated gluten from my diet quite some time ago.  I have a history of asthma, allergies, sinus issues and eczema.  Gluten is bad for everyone but especially for someone with my history.  So I chose NOT to re-integrate it.  I knew that I would be much better off.  Besides, I was feeling so much better after eliminating it from my diet that I didn’t want to go back to feeling crumby again.

However, I figured that if I had it on very rare occasions I would probably be fine.

A while back my wife and I were celebrating and we were offered a glutenous dessert.  My wife abstained but I didn’t.  (She’s so good).

The next day I got a mouthful of canker sores.  Then I remembered that ever since I was a child I would always get canker sores but didn’t know why.  I realized that it has been a long time since I’ve had any and I made the connection.  One of my gluten reactions is canker sores.

I figured that if I have that kind of a physical reaction in my mouth I could only imagine the same response in my more sensitive gut lining too.

So as you begin your Paleo journey, commit to 30 days of strict clean Paleo eating.  Live 100% Paleo so that in a month, you will be able to properly re-integrate.  That is the best elimination diet.

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