Worrisome Levels of Arsenic in Rice, Now What?

arsenic in rice

arsenic in riceThere has been growing concern with the levels of arsenic in rice products, especially when it comes to rice products for infants and children.

Now if you are eating strict Paleo, there is nothing to worry about. However, many people in the paleo community feel that rice is relatively benign and most people can “tolerate” it. For me, if I’m going to eat some carbs, I’m going to go for something a lot more flavorful instead of just a filler.

However, if you fit in the category of wanting to eat rice, you should read this article that our friend Chris Kresser wrote about arsenic in rice. Here’s an excerpt:

“Brown rice… has significantly more arsenic than white rice and should be avoided or consumed rarely. Some of the brown rice brands tested contained at least 50% more than the safe limit per serving, and a few even had nearly double the safe limit. Note that some of the worst offenders for arsenic are made from brown rice: processed rice products like brown rice syrup, brown rice pasta, rice cakes and brown rice crisps. These processed products are commonly consumed by those following a “healthy” whole grain rich or gluten-free diet, but they clearly pose a significant risk of arsenic overexposure, especially if a person eats more than one serving per day. Obviously, brown rice is not a food that should be a dietary staple, or even eaten on a regular basis.”

You may read the whole article here.

Does this mean you are getting arsenic ever time you eat rice? Yes, but you also are with many other foods. So it’s important to look at your diet as a whole to see if you can tolerate anymore of this known carcinogen.

Like I said, for me, if I want to eat some carbs then I will go for something a little more tasty that still has some health benefits like sweet potato, paleo chocolate or one of my favorite paleo ice-creams.

Also, look forward to our soon to be released Paleo Thanksgiving cookbook.

So if you are okay with feeding your kids arsenic then keep feeding them rice. If you want to be pro-active in your health then avoid the arsenic to a degree, avoid the rice.

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